Prior Work-Experience & It’s Impact on A Learner’s Learning Experience during MBA Course


  • Prof. Lalitkumar Premchandra Patil, Dr. Hiresh S. Luhar


There are numerous Universities and Institutes across the world which are offering courses in Business Administration & Business Management. These courses are either ‘Masters Degrees’ or ‘Post Graduate Diplomas in Business Management’. Duration of these courses varies from 1 year to more than 3 years depending on the mode in which it is offered to learners – ‘full time’, ‘part time’, ‘correspondence’, ‘certification’ etc. The goal of any of these MBA courses is to provide a conceptual knowledge, theoretical background & practical way of functioning various crucial concepts in managing a business. Learners as well the trainers are expected to discuss the business management concepts in a more practical way by discussing certain case studies and live examples. MBA learners are expected to carry out certain ‘Live Assignment’ as well ‘Internship’ with a corporate entity. The purpose of such assignments and internships is to have them the hands on experience of the actual functioning of the businesses in a practical way. These hands on experiences are as good as if they would have been worked actually in the industry. In short, we can say that it is as good as their ‘work experience’. In this paper, researcher have tried studying whether there is a connection between work experience before taking admission to MBA course and whether or not this prior work experience really helps the learner to pursue this course in a more better way. The results of the study are based on the primary data collected from the MBA pursuing students as well from the students who have already completed their MBA course.