Factors That Affect Energy Subsidy Policies in Indonesia


  • Lely Indah Mindarti, Ferdy Novianto, Sumartono, Irwan Noor


The purpose of this study is to examine renewable energy policy variables about the influence of communication, resources, and dispositions on the influence of scenario moderation. The method used in sampling is proportional stratified random sampling from 770 MPEL and METI member populations in June-August 2017. The research tool used in the study is Partial Least Square (PLS). The findings in this study indicate that all relationships between variables have a value of p ? 0.05 except the third moderation relationship and the fourth moderation. This study refers to several previous studies, including: Policy Theory (Edwards III, 1980), and is strengthened by the findings of Ratminto and Winarsih (2008), and Bloom & Menefee (2009), that communication, resources, and dispositions affect the success of policies energy subsidies. This study examines the moderating effects of renewable energy policy scenarios in the relationship between communication, resources, and disposition on the success of energy subsidy policies.