Comparison of Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel As Tube Material On Bus Super Structure Strength Against Rollover


  • Dr. Suwarna Torgal


The rollover is one of the severe conditions of accidents which generally take place in
traffic of highway. The worlds important focus is on Safety.. Everyday different vehicles
meet with variety of accidents which are noticeable in number and can not be neglected.
Rollover is one of the very frequent cause of accidents. Most rollover crashes occur
when a vehicle runs off the road or rotates sideways on the road by ditch, curb and soft
soil or by some other objects. In most of the rollover accidents of buses, its
superstructure faces strong impact with the surface of road. This impact leads to collapse
of bus roof resulting severe injury to the occupants and extreme damage to the frame of
bus. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA, 2002 b) USA reported
that only about 3% of all crashes are rollovers that caused 33% of total crash related
deaths. The researcher discusses and compares the effect of Carbon steel Vs Stainless
steel as the tube material on bus super structure strength against rollover.