Trend on the Usage of Technology and Road Accident: An Examination Study


  • S. H. Harith
  • N. Mahmud


Road accident has been indeed a global major concern.  The statistics keep rising every year and a new trend along with the advancement of technology has become one of the road accident contributors. The application of technology, specifically through the use of mobile phone while driving has been reported to cause road accidents. Therefore, this review paper aimed to study on the trend of the usage of mobile phone while driving and road accident by specifically discussed on five main trends, namely type of journal publication, years of research publication, research setting, research sample (participant) and research design.  This review has been undertaken through five academic databases such as Scopus, Wiley Online Library, Emerald, Web of Science and ScienceDirect which accumulated a total of 2462 findings. After going through several reviewing processes, 34 studies have been selected to be included in this review. Findings on the trend show that this topic mostly been published in the journal of Accident Analysis and Prevention with most of the studies been published within the years of 2011 and afterward. Moreover, most included studies were undertaken in the Western and European setting and applied the research design of case series with actual accident victims as the research sample (participant). Based on this trend analysis, a proper recommendation has been made for any future researchers who interested on pursuing the similar research area.