Age - A Predictor For Growth Of Indian Women Entrepreneurs


  • Dr Sushama Bavle, Ms. Manjula Shekar


             Entrepreneurial development in the present global scenario has become very noteworthy; in view of its being a pathway  to economic development. The objectives of industrial development, regional growth, and employment generation depends  on entrepreneurial development.Women entrepreneurs in all  sectors  consider the business world outside  is huge and scary. Until the women are  willing to get themselves out there and take a risk, women entrepreneurs will never able to achieve professional success and realize their  potential.

Demographics is one of the most important factors affecting women entrepreneurship, job creation, and innovation. Demographic change shapes all issues that occupy most economic discussions — education, age  employment policy, taxes, technological changes, and more. Demographic analysis anticipates future trends, helping decision makers to prepare policy interventions accordingly.Growth of women-owned-businesses is not at the same pace as their male counterparts. This research paper examines the role of the demographic profile - age of women-owned businesses at the inception of business, in the rate of growth  of their business. The study using quantitative and qualitative research methods was conducted in two districts of Karnataka, a state in India.. It was found that the growth factor of business started by women younger than 35 years of age was significantly higher [3.51] than those who were older than 35 years [3.07] when starting business [? = 0.00] The case studyanalysis also showed that 90% [9 out of 10] of young achievers [< 35 yrs. At inception]are on the growth path and none of them have disengaged on reaching the success stage as against block factor [1 out of 4] and finance driven [1 out of 6]entrepreneurs who have disengaged. The significance of age of a woman entrepreneur at the time of starting a business as an indicator of growth makes it imperative that focus on early start to an entrepreneurial career will see many more women-owned businesses planning the growth of their businesses