Detection of blaNDM-1 gene encoding for MBL resistance among clinical isolates of Pseudomonas aeruginosa


  • Nathasha A/P Sivakumar , Gopinath , Dhanraj Ganapathy


New Delhi metallo beta lactamase-1 ( NDM-1), is a newly identified
class B ?-lactamase gene and found worldwide. BlaNDM-1 producing
isolates always shows multidrug resistant patterns, as they possess
various genes that encode for resistance to various antibiotics. In this
study we aim to elucidate the antibiotic susceptibility pattern of 20
clinical isolates of P. aeruginosa and followed by the detection of
blaNDM-1 gene by PCR. We found multiple antibiotic resistance even to
carbapenem antibiotics. We found only one isolate was confirmed to
possess this gene by PCR, this warrants the necessary to screen for this
gene and to follow the antibiotic policies. There are only 2 reports of
the presence of this gene in patients from Serbia. Though the reports
are very limited, knowledge of its prevalence is very important as
pseudomonas aeruginosa is purely a nosocomial pathogen with
stubborn colonization capability and ability to persist in different
environments of clinical setup. Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates were
detected for the presence of blaNDM-1 gene by PCR analysis. Detection
of the gene was carried out using primer.