High Performing Team Characteristics for Malaysian Oil and Gas Construction Projects


  • Davendren Vereya
  • Syuhaida Ismail


Oil and gas construction industry has been widely criticised for its fragmented approach to project delivery and its failure to form effective teams, where 65 percent of oil and gas construction project failures were found due to softer aspects, such as people, organisation and governance. While integration is desirable, it is not the only requirement or condition for improved team within the context of an oil and gas construction project as the role and value of integration in project teams are also found to be unclear relative to other performance enhancing approaches. This paper hence aims to appraise team integration for oil and gas construction projects in Malaysia. The objectives of this paper are to identify the concepts of team integration and review the characteristics of high performing team for oil and gas construction projects in Malaysia. This conceptual paper produced a definition for concept of team integration which suites best for oil and gas construction project. This paper also found 55 characteristics of high performing team, which can be grouped into three variables: organisational structure, team processes and individual contribution. Based on the understanding of the link between the variables, a framework for team integration in Malaysian oil and gas construction project will be proposed and developed at later stage.