Economic System of Santals of Mayurbhanj of Odisha in Eastern India


  • Singo Hembram , Dr. Ratnakar Mohapatra


The economic system of the Santals of Mayurbhanj is a fascinating aspect of the tribal economy of Odisha in Eastern India. The Santal tribe is accepted as the second largest tribal group of Odisha in India by considering its population.  The economic subsistence of the Santals of Mayurbhanj is mainly based on agriculture and collection of forest production. The economic life of Santals are really connected with their forest economy, agricultural cycle and other sources chiefly wage earning by leaf plate making and engaged as labourers in various developmental works / schemes of the state as well as central Government of India. The principal feature of the economy of people of Santal tribe is closely associated with the forest. The Santals of Mayurbhanj used to collect various kinds of forest products such as fire wood, medicinal roots and fruits, flowers, leaves, mushrooms, honey, reins, lac and firewood in order to sell in the market to meet their economic necessity. The main occupation of the Santals of Mayurbhanj is the settled agriculture. The most part of their income are found spent in purchase of daily food items, dress, ornaments and house maintenances. Some amount of expenditure is made by Santals for the education of their own children and also in other household works. The aim of this article is to focus on the detailed economic system of the Santals of Mayurbhanj of Odisha in Eastern India. Methodologically, both the primary and secondary sources have been used by the authors for the writing of this article.