Tungsten Carbide Microparticles Introduction’s Ef-fect on Steel Hardness and Resistance to Local Im-pacts


  • A. Anikeev, I. Chumanov


The article presents one of the technological methods for producing metallic materials through the micro- and nanoparticles interaction in order to increase their strength characteristics. For this, based on the scientific and technical literature review, the metal dispersed hardening technology in the centrifugal casting process was applied. To carry out disperse hardening, finely dispersed (1-5 ?m) tungsten carbide particles were introduced into the metal melt during casting. The studies results of the samples’ structure obtained using optical and electron microscopy. Tests were conducted in  laboratory setup in which steel balls with the diameter of 6 mm and the mass of 1.05 g can be accelerated to speeds of more than 600 m/s. The samples obtained, saturated with refractory microparticles of tungsten carbide, showed high hardness and resistance to local impact characteristics with the stable type of fracture.