The Role of Leadership in Supporting Employee Performance during COVID19 Quarantine


  • Dr. Salameh S. AL-Nawafah, Dr. Muhammad Ahmad Nigresh, Dr. Ahmad. F. M. AL-Amaera


Organizations were put under a lot of pressure during the COVID19 pandemic in 2019-2020. Many countries imposed quarantine for the sake of its citizens which made many organizations to close down and harmed its profitability and overall performance.

Current study examined the influence of leadership on employees' performance within the Jordan public service sector during the quarantine. A questionnaire was distributed on (392) individuals within governmental public sector in Jordan. Results of study indicated an influence of leadership styles on employees' performance that is attributed to the nature of traits and characteristics that leaders have shown to leading performance of the team during the quarantine. Also, results indicated that servant leadership was the most adopted and the most influential style of leadership compared to other leadership styles, this was attributed to the fact that servant leadership appeared to be more helpful in performance management from distance. Study recommended training and empowering leaders to help them gather the skills and leadership styles needed to manage employees during exceptional circumstances