A Critical Review of Non Linear and Automotive Control Applications: with a Reference of Fuzzy


  • PAVAN DAS D, Dr.R.Praveena


In this paper we are going to review nonlinear and automotive control applications with a reference of adaptive fuzzy logic based controller system. Comprehensive assessment using the adaptive fuzzy reveals the effective analyzes of nonlinear control applications in automotive industries by this review paper. The name represents that it is a nonlinear application hence there will not be any significant or consistency in the control systems. In order to make it consistent and linear with respect to the reference inputs and distorted output we are going to review those process in this paper. Fuzzy logic is used to control the nonlinear applications because of its accuracy and adoptive mechanism in controlling the industrial based applications. Fuzzy logic has wide variety of controller mechanism from automobile to other control system sectors. Hence we are going to review fuzzy logic as a controller mechanism for this nonlinear automotive application. This review process utilize fuzzy control process to test the comparative adaptability of nonlinear applications in automotive industries and eliminates errors in resulting signals for better estimation of the controller mechanism result. This review concludes the nonlinear automotive related control applications with respect to fuzzy logic systems.