Assessment of Periodontal Status among Patients with Class I and Class Ii Malocclusion-A Retrospective Study


  • Kadambari Sriram, Arvina Rajasekar, M.P. Santhosh Kumar


Periodontitis is defined as an inflammatory disease of the supporting tissues.Therapies done under other disciplines of dentistry are known to affect periodontal health. Orthodontic therapy may either improve or harm periodontal health depending on the circumstances. The other belief is that orthodontics improves periodontal health overall.There is however minimal evidence regarding possible association between factors such as type of orthodontic malocclusion and periodontitis. The aim of the study was to assess the periodontal status among patients with Class I and Class II malocclusion. A retrospective study was conducted using case records of patients in a private institution from June 2019 to March 2020. A total of 200 patients, 100 patients with Class I malocclusion; 100 patients with Class II malocclusion) were recruited. Data regarding the periodontal status of the patients were collected from their records. Descriptive and inferential statistics were done using SPSS software. The present study showed that there was a higher prevalence of gingivitis in patients with class II malocclusion (45%) than those with class I malocclusion (42.5%). Also, the prevalence of periodontitis was higher among patients with class II malocclusion (7.5%) than those with class I malocclusion (5%). Also, there was a statistically significant association between gender and periodontal health status (p=0.04).