Distraction Pattern during Lecture Class among Dental Students


  • , KandhalYazhini,Dhanraj Ganapathy, Keerthi Sashanka,


It is difficult to keep the concentration of the student at its maximum potential during the entire time of the class as there are many distractions that can have a negative impact on students concentration and learning various forms of technologies, have invaded the classroom.The aim of the study was to evaluate  the perception of students regarding effect of technology and destructive behaviour on concentration and learning process.The present study was carried among randomly selected 110 college students from different colleges in Chennai which include government aided and private colleges. The students who participated were from age 17 to 25. Questions were Prepared and administered to participants through survey planet, an online survey. The participants were well explained above the purpose of the study in detail. The questions were carefully studied and the corresponding answers were marked by the participants. The data was collected and statistically analysed. 54% of students considered themselves as attentive in class. 77.8% of the students find it di?cult to concentrate in the class when the subject taught in the class is not their favorite subject,  54% of the students have answered that they do fall asleep during lecture ,79.4% of students get distracted in the classes while peers and desk mates ask irrelevant questions or comments.The survey indicated that the main reason of the students distraction is the dependence of the technological tools like mobile phones, laptops etc. Unpreparedness of students and no interest in subjects taught too causes significant distraction to students.