Awareness of Single Piece Implants among Undergraduate Dental Students


  • Karthikeson P, Ashok Velayudhan, Dhanraj Ganapathy


The percentage of edentulism is increased for past decades. The reason behind is the health condition of the patient. There are various treatment options for restoring the edentulous condition. It can be fixed restoration or a removable restoration. Nowadays patients mostly prefer on fixed restoration.The aim of this study is assess and create awareness about various implant treatment options among undergraduate dental students and its merits and demerits .A survey is taken in form of a questionnaire and it is given to 100 general Dental practioners and students. This questionnaire was prepared based on the awareness about single piece implants among undergraduate Dental students. The questionnaire includes the type of implants they prefer, placement of implant, advantages and disadvantages of single piece implants as well as two-piece implants and preference of implants to patients based on criteria. The questionnaire consists of 12 questions and was distributed to 100 Dental students through online link using survey planet. The results were statistically analysed. 79% of students do not prefer immediate implant placement and 21% of students prefer immediate implant placement.90% of the students do not do immediate implant restoration whereas 10% of the students do immediate implant restoration.62% of students prefer two piece implants and 38 % of people prefer single piece implants. In full mouth rehabilitation , 72% of people prefer two piece implants and 28% prefer single piece implants.43% of students will prefer single piece implants over two piece implants and 57% students do not prefer single piece implants.The awareness about various implant treatment options among undergraduate dental students and its merits and demerits is adequate. It is the dentist responsibility to choose the right type of dental implants for the particular patient to provide simple procedures and to have better success rate. This survey helped to assess the dentist skill, knowledge and awareness about single piece implants.