The Role of Identity and Images Affecting Communication: Study of Cultural Tourism Business


  • Theppaluk Komolvanij


Tourism is one of the essential industries within a developing state because it directly affects its economic rate and also promotes a positive relationship with the neighbor states. This paper is an informative approach to study the impact of place identity and image on enhancing cultural tourism within the state. To examine the statistical calculations of the given variable, the SPSS software's based statistical tests like Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), and Structural equation modeling (SEM) is implemented on the online survey data. According to the results, there is a significant relationship between the place image and cultural tourism growth and between the place identity and cultural tourism growth. While the positive word of mouth act as a significant mediator between these both relationships. This paper is an informative approach for this tourism industry, its management, owners and decision-makers to understand how to promote their cultural tourism growth within a state. Also, the state's authority can utilize this information for the development of its tourism industry. In addition, there are some minor limitations within this paper i.e. lack of comparative analysis based mixed research method, which can be overcome by the upcoming researchers.