Inventory Management to Supply Chain Performance of Cultivates Banana in Nakhon Pathom


  • Anchalee Hiranphaet


Banana food supply in Nakhon Pathom a city of Thailand is not effective to fulfill the requirement. Significant strategies are required to fulfill the existing demand of banana in Nakhon Pathom. Therefore, the objective of this study is to examine the effect of inventory management methods on supply chain management performance (SCMP). In this regard, the relationship between inventory management methods, raw material management (RMM), unfinished goods management, finished goods management and SCMP was examined. Data were collected from the food supply companies of Thailand located in Nakhon Pathom. Only those companies were selected which were supplying the banana to Nakhon Pathom. Employee of food supply companies were selected as the respondents. By using a statistical software, data were analyzed to attain the results. Outcomes of the study shows the major role of inventory management methods in SCMP. Inventory management methods have positive effect on SCMP. Better implementation of inventory management methods shows positive influence on SCMP. Furthermore, it is found that inventory management methods have positive effect on RMM, unfinished goods management and finished goods management which causes to enhance SCMP.