Determinants of the Brand Loyalty of Tourism Business of Thailand: The Role of Service Quality Determining


  • Nattapong Techarattanased, Saowanee Samantreeporn


The objective of this study is to find out the determinants of brand loyalty in tourism. To achieve the objective, this study examined the relationship between compatibility, low service charges, e-travel portal, service quality and brand loyalty. Moreover, this study also intended to examine the moderating role of service quality. Data were collected from the tourism companies of Thailand. The employees working in the tourism companies were selected as the respondents of this study. Consequently, this study distributed 500 questionnaires among the employees of tourism companies. Data were analyzed by using Partial Least Square (PLS). Results of the study shows that; comparability has positive effect on brand loyalty. Moreover, low service charges also have significant role in employee loyalty. Additionally, e-travel portal is vital to enhance brand loyalty among the customers. Thus, compatibility, low service charges and e-travel portal has positive role to enhance brand loyalty. In addition to this, service quality has moderating role between e-travel portal and brand loyalty.