Customer Relationship Management and Customer Loyalty Affecting Business Performance of the Steel Manufacturers in Bangkok Metropolitan Area


  • Somchai Lekapojpanich, Chatkaew Hartrawung


The purposes of this research are 1) to study the personal characteristics of the executives in the steel industry, 2) to study the factors and the direct effects of customer relationship management and customer loyalty on business performance of the steel industry, 3) to study the indirect effect of customer relationship management affecting business performance, and 4) to propose the customer relationship management guidelines for entrepreneurship of steel industry in new economy. For composing research conceptual framework to study the relationship between the different variables, the literature, many related theories and researches were reviewed. The samples were 320 respondents, who were experienced chief executives of steel manufacturers in Thailand Iron and Steel Industry Club, the Federation of Thai Industries, located in Bangkok metropolitan area. Data was collected using in-depth interview and questionnaire with greater than 0.80 validity and reliability. The results portrayed that (1) the causal structural equation model that has been modified was fit to the empirical data in acceptable criteria of fit indices:   = 51.98 df = 34 p-value = .02491,  / df = 1.52, RMSEA = .041, RMR = .009, SRMR = .027, CFI = 1.00, GFI = .97, AGFI = .94, CN = 345.61 and (2) the customer relationship management had a direct effect on customer loyalty and business performance. Moreover, customer relationship management also had an indirect effect on the business performance by mediation effect of customer loyalty of steel manufacturing entrepreneurs.