Comparison of Optical Current Transformers with Iron Core under Different Structural Parameters Based on Magnetic Field Distribution


  • Zhengang Shi, Wenjie Fu, Chong Sun, Linhao Zhang, Han Li, Chaofei Wu, Can Ding


The application of optical current transformers in the power system will be affected by the interference of the external environment and the accuracy will be affected. One of the important methods to improve the accuracy of the optical current sensor is to increase the magnetic field strength where the magneto-optic glass is located. In this paper, the magnetic field distribution of the optical current sensor with iron core is calculated by simulation, the influence of its structural parameters on the magnetic field distribution is studied, and compared with the magnetic field distribution of the optical current transformer of the commonly used magnetic ring structure. It is found that under the same current, the magnetic field strength of the magneto-optical material with iron core optical current sensor is much greater than that of the commonly used optical current transformer with magnetic ring structure. The geometric structure parameters of the optical current sensor with iron core have a great influence on its magnetic field distribution, and the magnetic field strength in the magneto-optical material can be improved by optimizing the structure parameters, thereby improving the measurement accuracy. This article can provide a basis for the design optimization of optical current transformers.