Effect of Biogas Burners and High Temperature Biofuels Furnaces to the Ceramics Products


  • Ruedee Niyomrath


This study reports the impact of landfill generated biogas and the scrubbing of biogas on the manufacturing process of high-quality ceramics. To justify this research aim, experimental research based outcomes are generated which concluded that if the potential of the biogas is increased through scrubbing which results in the enhancement of methane value by 92.5% with 7.5% oxygen, and removed the H2S and CO2 gas at the high temperature, then high quality and resistant ceramic material will be generated which is more durable and efficient in its productivity. This experimental statistic proves that the biogas as a fuel is viable alternative energy for high temperature ceramic kin firing and is mostly utilized by the construction industries. In addition, there are some recommendations based on this study outcome like a biogas can be used as a more efficient renewable source for the advanced ceramic production, and also there is a need of chart to utilize this 80% renewable energy for the local efficient ceramic production, which is generated from the landfills of a state.