Measuring Job Satisfaction among Hotel Employees: The Mediating Role of Organizational Commitment


  • Md Shamimul Azima, Patcharee Sumethokulb, Ataul Karim Patwaryc


This behavioural research contributes to the growing hospitality and tourism literature by the investigating the direct and indirect of emotional intelligence (EI) and supervisor support (SS) to the Job Satisfaction (JS) of employees in Malaysian hotel industry. Organizational commitment (OC) shaping as a mediating variable to test the effect between EI and JS, SS and JS. This cross-sectional study applied questionnaire survey to collect data and structural equation modelling (PLS) approach has been used to conclude research hypotheses. Findings of the study revealed that direct relationships of EI and supervisor support on JS have found insignificant. Mediator role of OC has found significant. EI and supervisor support have positive effect thru the OC on JS. Strikingly, providing empirical evidence that lower and mid-level employees must control their emotions and get supervisor support to attach to the hotels and increase JS.