The Interaction Mechanism Between Tourism Industry Agglomeration and Regional Economy in Yunnan Province


  • Meiting Li


Tourism is one of the pillar industries of economic development in Yunnan Province.
The agglomeration and development of tourism industry has become an important
engine of regional economic growth in Yunnan Province. This article takes the
interactive mechanism of regional economic growth and tourism industry
agglomeration development in 16 cities (state) in Yunnan Province as the research
object. It clarifies the development scale and spatial-temporal evolution of tourism
industry agglomeration in Yunnan Province, then use push-pull theory to analyze the
interaction mechanism between the agglomeration of tourism industry and the
development of regional economy in Yunnan Province. The study found that the
regional economic development and tourism industry agglomeration in 16 cities (state)
in Yunnan Province are polarized, and the effectiveness of the interaction between the
two has gradually become prominent over time, but the uncoordinated development
between the two has always been presence. Finally, the article puts forward
suggestions for promoting the development of both benign interactions of tourism
industry agglomeration and regional economy from both macro and micro levels