Software Schema of Novel Graphical Authentication and Role Based Security


  • Ashish Bhardwaj, Dr. Surendra Yadav


In the modern IT data sharing environment, it is desired that every cloud-based organization should be perfect in its security measures. Proper authentication and validation of the data access are the primary requirement for the success of any cloud-based organization. This paper focuses over the practical implementation of the approach proposed for the secure file share in a cloud environment and the simulation of the approach is shown in Visual Studio 2010 and the database used for the simulation process is SQL Server 2008. The paper is developed to practically show the approach designed for the TPA based interaction. To start with the simulation of the data access, first valid users of the organization with simulated to be registered with the process designed for that. Then the authorized users can share data on the cloud server and an authorized user can request to get access to that data.  Than The TPA  come to roles and here, a checklist is maintained for the users who can access the data requested and together with that will design another way of validating the user request for access that is by the token or transaction id for that access as well as validating the OTP for the access of that file. Then chunks of the data are received by the user and decrypted with another key which is required for the decryption of the chunks and then the chucks are again combined to a single file and used by the user who had requested for its access.