Pushing the Boundaries of Gender Studies


  • Anagh


It goes beyond any shadow of doubt that the study of ‘Gender Studies’ is not to be merely confined within the boundaries of language and literary aspect – rather it has become a matter of discussion although the universe and hence the universal truth embedded with the topic of discussion therein is to be explored.  Feminism is not a modern concept through the word is not used before eighteenth century in Europe. It is to be mentioned that an utopian socialist used the term feminism in 1837, which itself clears that the area or the discipline is interdisciplinary. The term feminism had its own implications during the 18th century. The sands of time however brought about a varied and abrupt change in its implication providing a new dimension to the term. We can say that it is as old as the existence of human beings on this earth. In Europe it is traced back to the “Beguine Movement.” This paper aims to examine and elucidate as well as explore the modus operandi of conducting a research on Gender Studies barring the differences and limitations to language and literature, in addition to other fields of study inclusive in humanities and social sciences.