Software-Defined Network: Importance and Issues


  • Nikul Jayswal, Purvi N. Ramanuj


With the evolution of internet of things (IOT) almost every device is connected to internet. We are living in a digital society where huge amount of data is being generated due to technological innovations. Technologies like cloud computing generates large amount of data every second. Traditional IP networks were not designed to handle these types of rapid technological change. Managing traditional IP networks are becoming more complex due to the variety of data being generated by new technologies. Software-defined networking (SDN) is emerging as a promising technology that can change this complexity by separating the cores of traditional IP network: data planes and control planes. The separation will help to remove major barriers to new protocols and services. In this paper, we present a survey on Software-defined network and its major issues. We start with introducing motivation for SDN. Next, we present the basic architecture of SDN. We discuss major issues related to SDN and conclude discussion.