An Experimental Investigation on Effectiveness of in Tumescent Coating as Thermal Barrier on Wire Netting


  • Vivek R. Sharma, Aniruddha D. Ramteke, Aniket A. Kanade, Labhesh V. Thawkar, Shweta R. Gaurkar


This paper investigates the result of an experimental study on thermal resistance performance of intumescent coating on wire netting which exposed to high furnace temperatures. In this investigation the fire resistance test was carried on the intumescent coated wire netting of different materials such as stainless steel, aluminum and galvanized steel. The study variables include double coat and triple coat of intumescent coating on Stainless Steel (SS), Galvanized Steel (GS) and Aluminum wire nettings. One side of wire netting is exposed to a high temperature of about 900 °C developed with the help of muffle furnace. The heat flux was measured on the unexposed side of the wire netting as faraway of 500 mm from the origin of heat. It was observed that the wire mesh of SS, Aluminum and GS allowed the maximum heat flux of about 9.26 W/cm2, 3.67 W/cm2 and 8.69 W/cm2 respectively with double coat whereas heat flux with triple coat of intumescent on SS, Aluminum and GS wire netting were found to be 3.04 W/cm2, 2.77 W/cm2 and 5.31 W/cm2 respectively. It was observed that the intumescent coating is acting as good thermal barrier and able to reduce the heat flux by around 57 %.