Distributed Denial of Service Attack Detection using Secure Neuro Fuzzy based System in Wireless Sensor Network


  • Pankaj Kumar Sharma, Dr. Uma Shankar Modani


Wireless Sensor Networks (WSNs) comprise of huge number of sensor nodes for collecting the data and information which are sensitive for a particular application. Sensor nodes have restricted capabilities in terms of processing power, memory and battery life. Apart from limited capabilities of WSN , security is a major challenge as there could be a possibility of various type of viable attacks on the network, among which discussion on DDOS is vital. Distributed-Denial of Service(DDOS) is a cumulative term that contains various attacks that may affect the network by spreading the request message, dropping the packets originating from real source , degrade the overall performance of network. Threat is even more when military and industrial applications are involved.

To present a security critical solution that address these obstructions is a key challenge nowadays. There are lots of  interesting methods which are implementing by researchers to identify or protect the network from DDOS attack, review of which is presented here in this paper on basis of suitable parameters. We have also presented a novel solution which of are compared with techniques belong to similar category.