Research on the Method of Intuitive Philosophy in Marx and Engels' Practical Materialism


  • Danfeng Liu


In the article "Is the Higher Philosophical Contemplation the Philosophical Approach of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels? ------A Textual Study of an Important Term in The German Ideology ", an essential theoretical perspective is demonstrated and concluded that higher philosophical contemplation is a form of intuition contained in the perceptual intuition of Feuerbach criticized by Karl Marx and Frederick Engels, rather than the philosophical method of Karl Marx and Frederick Engels. In this article, despite some deliberation with other scholars, some aspects of the perspective can be affirmed. In this paper, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels' viewpoints on intuition are further expounded. In other words, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels' practical materialism did not completely put aside the intuition of the real world, but the way they saw the world had undergone a revolution, so they saw what Feuerbach had not seen. At the same time, Marx, based on the new intuitive manner of the real world, requires a revolutionary transformation of the real world. In the Manifesto of the Communist Party, Karl Marx and Frederick Engels actually elaborated on an intuitive manner, which in Chinese translations is translated as the need to make public one's views. Thus, it provides further evidence that Karl Marx and Frederick Engels did not entirely reject the term intuitive manner.