Identifying and Monitoring Manholes to Ensure Road Safety using Image Processing


  • Dr. D. Sivakumar, S. Gagandeep, S. Karthick, B. Kishwar Sameena


Now-a-days, road formation is the major requirement for our country. On increasing the many no of vehicles from day to day the road safety plays a isolated role to get safer of vehicles. As the presence of Manholes on the roads is major problem of accidents. These accidents occurs due to its uneven formation and improper maintenance. To control the manhole or pit-hole system, it takes much time and money for long duration in existence. To solve these problem the manhole should be monitored at every period of time with less effort. The manholes monitoring system reduce the loss of lives on the roads, these manholes should be monitored and controlled there paths to maintain road safety of vehicles during nights it is difficult to travel with road safety measurements on presence of manholes on the roads and on its presence the system should be maintained with help of monitoring system. To maintain the safety of vehicles on the roads the manholes must be tracked of its path while travelling with safety measurements.