The Behavior of Horizontal Well in an Infinite Acting Reservoir Subjected by Bottom Water Drive


  • Oloro Obarhire John


In this research work, a model that will determine the behavior of horizontal well in an Infinite Acting Reservoir subjected by bottom water drive was developed, and this was carried out by applying source function and Newman product rule. A numerical method was used to compute dimensionless pressure and dimensionless pressure derivative and from the results, behavior of pressure shows that pressure decreases with time and this is an indication of a decrease in productivity. This could be as a result of energy from bottom water get depleting with time. For pressure derivative, we can see that the pressure rises and start to decrease at tD ?10 Both the pressure and pressure derivative became zero at tD=10000 The result also shows that the value of the PD is not affected by the external reservoir boundary but only a function of the tD.