IoT based Farming Robot for Irrigation and Monitoring using Solar Energy


  • Saswat Mishra, Yeswanth Reddy Tiyyagura, Priyadharshini Bhupathi, Prabu Sevugan


Agriculture is an important source for our income in all the places. The main problems in now a day’s agriculture are water and high workers costs. These problems can be resolved by making agriculture works using some automation machines, so now our project idea is to develop a automatic working robot for farmers by using all the natural resources available at free of cost the free and open resources available for farmer at filed is sun so by using that sun light & energy we can make robot that will run automatically using the solar energy. At the same one more issues our farmers facing when doing the farming know the water leave of this farming filed for that we are providing a solution to our annadatas a good solution by using embedded sensors like soil moisture we can know the water leave of the field based on that we can give automatic water solution by using water pump concept based on water leave in the files , the one more problem of farmers is know the tempter and humid of the farming land when doing the cultivation  so the solution given in our project is by using a sensor called DTH-11.As we are making a automatic robot the all values that come from different sensors will post the values to cloud server using iot modules placed on the robot and keep live update to the farmer about the farming land status, to post the values to farmer we are using an iot open sources server called thingspeak by using this farmer can know the status of the farming lad from anywhere any time any location based on this he can know the statistics of the application.