Smart Detection of Sunlight using Arduino on Solar Power Systems


  • Supriyono ​
  • Hassan Khamis Hassan
  • Marwan Effendy


Sunlight is an environmentally friendly energy source, which has great potential for use as an alternative renewable energy source in overcoming the energy crisis in the future, mainly in tropical countries. This paper presents an automatic solar tracking system that uses Arduino UNO to demonstrate the production of daytime energy from sunlight. A small prototype with the ability to rotate up to 180 degrees on the horizontal and vertical axes has been successfully fabricated in order to realise the experiment. The system was equipped with four sensors to track sunlight movement. By using the Arduino UNO program as a basis for the solar tracking, in terms of the power gained, the system managed to maintain a high percentage with an average of 58%.Thesefindings show that the systemis more trackable and can increase power efficiency in the exploitation of sunlight.