Inter-Carrier Interference Reduction in Broadband Wimaxand LTE using Improved Firefly Method


  • Rajidi Sahithi
  • T. V. Ramana


Wireless broadband access development OFDM has several disadvantages that may arise from Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO), including Intercarrier Interference (ICI). Existing projected cancellation and self- cancellation strategies are commonly used to counter the effects of CFOs. These two technologies enhance productivity at the cost of decreased data rates and are far from optimal after compensation. This paper analyzes the OFDM scheme with a CFO and suggests a blind technique for cancellation using the analytical results that turns the ICI cancellation issue into a traditional optimization issue. A metaheuristic elevated efficiency algorithm, the Firefly algorithm, is frequently used to tackle the optimization problem. We introduce an improved firefly algorithm in this paper to select and adjust parameters in a normal firefly algorithm. The suggested firefly algorithm introduces an altered exploring and growth structure with adjustable randomness and absorption factors. The suggested technique utilizes time/randomness modification and absorption coefficients.