System for Tracking Passengers Insidethe Airport using IOT


  • G. Prasanna Rani
  • N. Bhagya Laxmi
  • B. Mounika


The proposed system is intended to track passengers inside an airport terminal by the used of RFID cards and IoT. The proposed system when implemented will solve the problem faced in searching for a passenger in the entire airport. This will be achieved by dividing the airport into a number of segments. After checking into the airport each passenger will be given a RFID card which will act as an access key at the entrance and exit points of the segments. Whenever a passenger swipes his card and moves into another segment, this information is passed on to the authorities. Based on this information, when required a particular passenger can be located with much more ease by the airport authorities because instead of searching the entire airport they will have to search only a single segment. Also if the airport authorities are tipped about someone being suspicious, then that passenger’s card can be blocked without his/her knowledge and when this blocked card is swiped at the reader, a buzzer is activated upon which the passenger is taken in for questioning. This way the location of a particular passenger can be found with easy and in turn this improves the security inside the airport terminal.