Organizational Behaviour practices in Nestle Corporation


  • Pardeep Kumar


Nestlé’s origination took place when two Swiss Enterprises were founded in 1860. Nestle founded by Henri Nestle in 1886, headquarters lies in Vevey Switzerland. Nestle merged with Anglo-Swiss in 1905 and new company was formed known as Nestle Group. Today’s Nestle is one of the leading Nutrition, health and wellness corporations in the world. Organization Behaviour creates interface amongst human behaviour, organizational settings and environments. Organization behaviour understands, predicts and control human behavior in organization. It creates a conducive environment benefits both individual and organization and provided much needed satisfaction to employees and contribute to achieve objectives. It concern with the actions of people and emphasize on developing interpersonal and human skill of managers to handle effectively subordinates. The study undertakes to understand the different components of organizational behaviour to understand behavioural pattern at Nestle Corporation. The study undertakes to analyze the communication process, its working and suggest how to make it effective at Nestle Corporation.  The study also assesses the Nestlé’s Culture and nature of leadership. The study throws light on personality dimension of Nestle employees, learning process and individual and group level behaviour.