New Refractive Index Sensor Depend on Resonance Effect


  • Dalya H. Abbas


In this paper, the new refractive index sensor depend on resonance effect is presents. By combine the fiber optic and radio frequency, the sensor could support the most important sensing applications with high accuracy. The optical fiber could be enhanced by side polished fiber to produce a passing filed sensing functions. The zinc oxide film generates high attenuation effect which allows highly sensitive index. By RF magnetron supporting technique, the zinc oxide has been prepared practically with the fiber sensing thickness of 75.1µm and zinc film of 70 nm has deposited on the polish surface. In refractive index range from 1.3 to 1.4, the achieved sensitivity is 3721.9 nm/RIU. Additionally, all situations were simulated in MATLAB imitation of refractive index to perform the near infrared and visible wavelength. The results show the sensor sensitivity is 0.899 nm for each salt unit.