Goal Clarity and Financial Literacy towards Retirement Confidence among Working Adults in Southern Region, Malaysia


  • Kae Tee Ong, Awang, Siti Rahmah Awang, Norhayati Zakuan. Zuraidah Sulaiman, Thoo Ai Chin, Adaviah Mas’od, Ahmad Jusoh, Ungku Norulkamar Ungku Ahmad


This study investigates goal clarity and financial literacy towards retirement confidence among working adults in Southern Region, Malaysia. The objectives are to determine the relationships between the independent psychological variables, goal clarity and financial literacy towards retirement confidence, and to determine the strong predictor between the two independent variables. Using a survey as research instrument, 173 working adults in the region participated in the study. Correlation and Multiple Linear Regression were used as statistical analysis methods. The findings indicate that goal clarity has a positive, linear and strong relationship towards retirement confidence (r=0.731, p < 0.05), while the relationship of financial literacy and retirement confidence is also positive and linear, it is moderate (r=0.614, p < 0.05). Goal clarity has also been identified to be the better predictor towards retirement confidence, contributing 57.1% in the causal relationship to retirement confidence.