Smart Image Security using Image Processing Techniques


  • V. S. S. P. Raju Gottumukkala
  • N. Kumaran
  • V. Chandra Sekhar


Image Security is an area of research which needs much attention these days in the era of electronic information exchange. Information Security has been a wide area with range of techniques. But still image encryption is yet another area of concern. With wide usage of cheaper mobile cameras and wide exchange of personal images, ensuring privacy is indispensable. There are many techniques that involve encryption, watermarking, Visual Cryptography, steganography etc., Still manipulating images at the level of local parameters like pixel, texture, geometry, clarity, locality etc., will ensure better security of image information. Banking, Consultancies, Detective agencies, Defense forces are all looking for such techniques to secure their information transfer. In proposed system, the images are encrypted, the needful information is embedded and hidden at the senders end. The receiver has to reverse the process to recover the information.