Some Aspects of Total Time Minimization Transportation Problem


  • B.Mallia, M. Das


Purpose - we consider a new type of total time minimization transportation problem along with the total cost minimization transportation problem.

Design / Approach -We have designed an active transportation route and minimize the total transportation time. It leads to zero one integer programming problem. Different objective functions are formulated subject to original constraints in transportation problem.

Findings and concluding remarks -The time transportation problem has been defined from the original transportation problem ,paying importance to time. We analyze different variety of transportation problems and exhibit mathematically the importance of time transportation problem.

Research implication-The paper may be extended for other variety of transportation problemssuch as cargo handling in airport , transportation of perishable marine product etc.

Utility of the Paper - Application of this type of transportation problem is best fitted to combat zones for supplying ammunition to soldiers in advance fighting zones. This problem can be applied to marooned people and disaster management system for cyclone, flood earthquake affected people etc. We have quoted a numerical example and solved it with the algorithm we have developed.

Keywords: Transportation problem, Total time, multiple optimal solutions, active transportation route, longest transportation operation.