Optimization of baffle inclination in Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger


  • Rounak Mahakul, D.N. Thatoi, Upendra Kumar Mohanty


The present investigation proposes at optimizing the inclination of the segmental baffles inside the shell and tube heat exchanger, for augmenting the functioning of the same. The shell and tube heat exchanger find their most common use in the commercial field, thus it is important to its functioning in details. The present work uses SOLIDWORKS software for numerical analysis and parametric study for understanding and optimizing inclination of the segmental baffles for an enhanced performance of the heat exchanger. In the analysis the segmental baffles are set at different angles to indicate the angle of inclination which yields the best heat-transfer coefficient. TEMA (Tubular Exchangers Manufacturers Association) standards are adopted for the sake of analysis. It is seen from the analysis results that best results are obtained at an baffle inclination of 5º. Experimental verifications confirm the results obtained through analysis establishing the robustness of the analytical verifications.

Keywords:SOLIDWORKS, Baffle inclination, Shell and tube heat exchanger, TEMA standards, Optimization