Power-Efficient Full Adder using Cadence Virtuoso


  • Nirali Hemant Patel, Jay. R. Patel


Generally, full adder circuit is beneficial for building blocks in many applications, it's utilized in designing ALU and this ALU is employed for big variety of applications (from designing CPU to GPU). A full adder is often used as a part of the many other larger circuits like Ripple carry adder, it adds n-bits at a time. ALU- Arithmetic Logic Unit (one of the circuit may be a full adder). To come up with memory addresses inside a computer and to create the Program Counter point to next instruction, the ALU makes use of this adder. For graphics related applications, where complex computation is very much needed, the GPU uses optimized ALU which is formed from full adders and other circuits too. It is implemented using 180nm CMOS technology. Generally, the CADENCE VIRTUOSO tools are used for designing the schematics and to try to do simulations. The simulation results include 1.8V analog input range at a pulse of 0 to 1.6 V.

Keywords: ALU, CADENCE VIRTUOSO, Full adder, GPU.