Software Quality Measurement using complexity Analysis of Various Software Engineering phases


  • Neha Bharani, Dr. Abhay Kothari


The development of software has taken in significant proportions in regard to other aspects of system development. We have  identified the common Complexity we face to perform this work, we've Selected 10 varieties of software (Such as AI, Mobile app….)and four development phases (Planning, Evaluation ,Design, Implementation Testing and Maintenance) and attempting to determine the consequences of software type on the problem offered during each software engineering phase. We are taking several solved problems within each software type to assess the complexity level and together with this we are attempting to administer the logic behind a specific difficulty level assessment. Foresee and inspection attribute already in   product support some kind of upgrade of Product class. Software quality measures how well software is to be designed, and the way well the software conforms thereto design. This sort of labor are going to be useful for industry altogether their software engineering related work incurred while software development, particularly medium and enormous size projects.

Keywords: Automation, Supervise, idiomatic expressions, identifying observed, guiding, proof-based work, annotative model, applied work, structured and unstructured enquiries, systematic, validity.