Feasibility of Manufacturing Paver Blocks Using Waste Materials


  • Mr. Laxmikant N. Vairagade, Dr. Jaskiran Sobti, P.K.Sharma


The issue of increasing demand for building materials has provided a need for sustainable materials to be manufactured with proper waste usage. In this paper, an experimental investigation was carried out on a paver block to study characteristics of Ground granulated blast furnace (G.G.B.S.), Iron fillings & glass fibers. Ground granulated blast furnace (GGBS), Iron fillings, fly ash & glass fibers were used and the effect of their addition on paver block, behavior was studied. Results has given the addition of G.G.B.S., iron & glass fibers increased the compressive strength, flexural strength & water absorption as compared to conventional paper block. For the development of the paver block, G.G.B.S., Iron fillings, Glassfibre is used as a partial replacement of cement & fine aggregate (FA) & coarse aggregate (CA) respectively. The develop product was tested according to the Indian Standards (IS) & the effect of addition of GGBS, iron & glass fiber was tested. The combination of Iron fillings (4%) + Cement (21%) + F.A. (25%) + C.A. (50%) has given the compressive strength of 62.10 MPa & flexural strength 6.2 MPa. Water absorption is 4% which is also within the limit. Hence, the study concluded that the use of above waste materials, as an alternative raw materials for the production of paver block was feasible.

Keywords: Ground granulated blast furnace (GGBS), paver block, Iron fillings and glass fibers