Proliferation of Occupational Stress among Indian Seafarers employed in Foreign going Ships


  • J. Rengamani
  • A. Shameem


Stress is considered to be the most important aspect for the existence of human beings in this world and more importantly the occupational stress is considered to be the most crucial factor for the wellbeing of the employees of the organizations or to the people who are involved in work life. The occupational stress is present in employees who are working in all types of organizations including the organizations in which the Indian seafarers are working. The occupational stress is much more predominant and are also on the rise with regard to the seafarers who typically work on-board the ships which are considered to be foreign going in nature. The increase in occupational stress of seafarers may be due to many factors which are called as stressors. The stressors will put the seafarers in greater stress in accomplishing the tasks that they are intending to do on the ships. The reason may be due to the long working hours on the ships, the loneliness on the ships and other predominant factors. The researchers have proved that the occupational stress is one of the most vital factors for losing concentration while working on the stress which will lead to ship collisions. There are several factors which will contribute to the occupational stress which can be classified under physical stress, psychological stress and environmental stresses. The diversion while accomplishing the duty on board the ships will definitely lead to human error which will be really catastrophic. The Indian seafarers will intend to work for long hours due to various reasons which will ultimately increase the stress level in accomplishing the tasks. The research article identifies the occupational stress factors which makes the seafarers to struggle while doing the tasks on board the ships.