Triple-Generation (Electricity, Heat & Cooling) Using Roof Top Solar Photovoltaic Systems


  • Bibekananda Jena, Ashutosh Dutt Bhardwaj


In this research paper the problem whether the roof top “photovoltaic system” can be employed for the generation of electricity, heat and cooling usable in the underneath building. The solar energy balance in traditional modules is considered and it is pointed out that about 80% of solar energy is transformed into heat. For collection and storage of this heat the PV/T modules are suggested as appropriate. The temperature of the heat generated in “PV(T)” module in the location of  composite climate is estimated during the year round cycle. It is found that the average temperature is  71.06 oC  in Summer, 56.95 oC  in Winter and 66.63 oC in Equinox which are of the right order of magnitude for conversion into heat and cold in accordance with the requirement of the building using organic fluid compressor or vapor absorption or hybrid cooling cycle.