Efficiency of Planning and Urban Guidelines of Urban Spaces and Public Squares: Study of Mutanabbi Square in Kut City


  • Haider Majid Hasan


The urban spaces reflect the general image of any city and an important component of any urban fabric, and it is one of the most important elements that reflect the relationship between man and the environment in which he lives.Many urban spaces lack planning and urban indicators in their design, which is the safety factor and accessibility.Al-Mutanabbi Square in Al-Kut is one of the most important and largest urban spaces. It was planned as a means of transportation as a public square and a main intersection in the city. The main roads leading to Baghdad, Nasiriya and Amara governorates, Which passes by most of the population in their daily mobility, and the result of the absence of planning and urban indicators, which led to poor efficiency of its traffic because of the interference of pedestrian traffic with the movement of vehicles as well as the loss of standards approved for use For entertainment.The research aims to study and analyze the design of the square to assess the current reality and develop the necessary proposals for the integration between being a means of transportation on the one hand and recreational means on the other.