Izod Impact Behaviour of Polymer Composite Solid Waste Disposal with Epoxy-Matrix


  • Muhammad Haikal Mohd Fodzi
  • Noraini Marsi
  • Anika Zafiah Mohd Rus
  • Nik Normunira Mat Hassan
  • Salwa Mahmood
  • Nur Athirah Huzaisham
  • Rupashinii Thana Singam


This study presents the Izod impact behaviour of polymer composite reinforced solid waste disposal with epoxy-matrix. Polymer composite have been broadly used in numerous manufacturing application. With new eco-green materials, new alternatives to improve the polymer composite technology such as diapers waste are being developed.  This paper aim to study the effect of diapers waste as filler inclusion in epoxy resin and hardener on the Izod Impact response. The preparation of samples involved some stages where the diapers waste were grind into smaller particles sizes. The ground diapers waste were then mixed with epoxy resin and hardener with different ratio of weight for diapers waste which are 0.1wt%, 0.2wt%, 0.3wt%, 0.4wt%, 0.5wt% and 0.6wt%.This evaluation was performed by measuring the Izod absorbed impact energy of standard ASTM notched specimens. The results indicated the increasing of the impact energy absorbed up to ratio of 0.4 diapers waste with 150.90J/m maximum.