Challenges and Opportunities in Consolidation of Public Sector Banks - Merger of Bank of Baroda, Vijaya Bank and Dena Bank


  • Narinder Kumar Bhasin, Anupama Rajesh


Mergers , Acquisition , Consolidation of Banks and companies is not a new phenomenon in Indian Financial System . There have been many mergers in past Indian Banking System like name few, Bank of Rajasthan, Global Trust Bank, Bank of Punjab, Centurion Bank etc but they all relate to the private sector banks. In history of Indian Banking System have witnessed only one public sector New Bank of India was merged with Punjab National Bank in 1993. On 1st April 2017 SBI`S five subsidiaries and BhartiyaMahila Bank were merged successfully to make SBI the top banks in the world followed by consolidation of Bank of Baroda with Dena Bank and Vijaya Bank. This research paper focus on the various challenge and opportunities faced by the respective bank`s board, customer and employees in merger of Bank of Baroda with Dena and Vijaya Bank.