The Influence of Public Assessment and Background Education S2 with Experience of Public Assessment on the Performance of Competitive Advantage Mediation


  • Dudung Hamidi, Ubud Salim, Ainur Rofiq, Nur Khusniyah


This study aims to analyze the direct and indirect effects of the variable number of public assessors with a background in education (S2) in the field of assessment and level of education (S2) as well as the experience of public evaluators on business performance with mediating variables competitive advantage in the Office Public Appraisal Services (KJPP) in Indonesia. This type of research is explanatory research is research that explains the effect of the relationship between variables and test the hypotheses set in the study. This study uses a saturated sample of the required population of 77 KJPP recorded at the Financial Professional Development Center (P2PK) Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia2016. Data analysis and processing methods used are SmartPLS version 6.0 with the Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) equation model. . Using ten hypotheses it was concluded that the experience variable number of public appraisers with a bachelor degree (S2) educational background in the field of evaluation and bachelor level education (S2) public appraisers and the experience of public appraisers had a significant effect on competitive advantage. Another conclusion is that the number of public assessments with a background of two-level education (S2) in the field of evaluation and experience of public appraisers has no effect on business performance, while the level of undergraduate education (S2) of public appraisers has a direct significant effect on business performance. The results of the indirect effect of this study are the number of public assessments with a background of undergraduate education (S2) in the field of assessment and undergraduate education (S2) level mediated by competitive advantage affect business performance while the experience of public assessors cannot be mediated by excellence in influencing significantly on business performance. The implication of this research is the need to increase the competency of the appraisers by doing more appraisal services with the types of objects of appraisal as well as increasing the ability of public appraisers through education and training to suit the needs of the appraisal service users.