Green Investments in the Stock Market: A Myopic View


  • Shivaprasad, Paladugu Gowtham, K Sudhir Reddy, A. Yugeswara Lakshmi Abhiram, Feba Thomas


Green investment which has never done before in recent times growing rapidly current generation who are thinking of the future of energy and people who want to protect the environment are showing interest towards the green energy-related companies they want to encourage this company by investing in them. So there is a drastic increase in the renewable energy companies both in capital wise and stock market-wise in this article you are going to find out how the investment patterns have changed over the years with the help of data and we are mainly focusing on the stock market so that we can show clearly how it has changed the preferences of current generation and we are going to discuss how green investment has to change the environment and opinion of the people. There are different types of energy sectors even though still people are showing interest in green energy such as solar, wind and hydro in this also we consider this three energy-producing companies and compared to other energy companies and also compared to past data on the companies based on which the performance and the trend is measured this article mainly show you how there is an increase in the renewable energy sector over the years and its significance.